100 Finance Advice Whiteboard Videos

Attention Internet Marketers: Now You Can…

Get 100 Royalty-Free Finance Advice “Whiteboard” Videos For WAY LESS Than You Would Pay For A SINGLE Video Elsewhere!

These stock finance advice videos are PERFECT for finance sites, credit repair, debt consolidation, money-saving blogs, social media, autoresponders, apps.  Use them to get traffic, raise engagement, and even create products you can sell as your own.

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Dear Marketer,

Would you like to boost your Engagement and INCREASE YOUR PROFITS?

Then you need to use High Quality content to capture your customers attention, educate them and keep your brand at the top of their minds.

And Whiteboard videos don’t come any more high quality than these.

Whiteboard videos are the latest marketing tool all the top marketers use, even the biggest corporations in the world are using them.

Why?  They’re funky, educational, they teach using AUDIO, WRITTEN and VISUAL CUES, which when combined result in speaking to people in whatever way they most prefer to learn information.

But, there’s a problem.

Getting Whiteboard Videos created is EXPENSIVE!

EACH VIDEO can cost you HUNDREDS of dollars.  Just a quick Googling has revealed prices of $797, $1499 or an eye-watering £1695 ($2700+!) for ONE Whiteboard Video.

Example Custom Whiteboard Video Prices:

example whiteboard video prices

But with this package you can get 100 Whiteboard videos, for way less than any of these prices.  You do the math.


It’s Not Just Expensive, It’s Dangerous!

Hispanic man standing with a letter in his hands and a worried look on his faceDangerous?  How so?  Well, every video needs images included in the video, and for every single image you need to have a license to use it.

And do you think the video creator is going to provide you with all those licenses?

Or even worse, they might just STEAL them from “Somewhere On The Internet”.

Google Images is NOT a good place to get image elements.

The big stock image libraries can, AND DO, come after you for using a stolen image and SUE YOU!

How do I know this?

Well, my name is Brad Gosse, and I own VectorToons.com, a stock graphical image site, and I sell THOUSANDS of images.

I have processes in place to detect people using my images without permission, without purchasing the necessary license.

Imagine the time and money it would cost you to create this many videos, even if you did it yourself.

You can get 100 of these Finance Advice Whiteboard Videos today with FULL RIGHTS to use them pretty much how you please.

And I know that they were created with images that have the licenses – because the images in the videos are from my very own in-house cartoonists.

Take a look at an example of one of these videos, and remember, you’ll be getting 100 (ONE HUNDRED!) videos just like these, each of them unique, and each of them focusing on a different personal finance advice topic.

Sample Video

Personal Use License

 (Use on your own unlimited projects)

Finance Advice Whiteboard Videos Personal License

Developer Use License

(Use on your own and client projects with no limits)

Finance Advice Whiteboard Videos Developer License

These Videos Contain Awesome Finance Advice

Not only they are ultra high-quality (I’m a real stickler for getting the job done right, if it’s not perfect it’s not getting through) they contain great advice.

Topics include:

  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Leaky Faucets
  • Cell Phone Usage
  • Energy Costs
  • Water Heating
  • Meal Planning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Taxes
  • Child Care
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Schooling
  • Loans
  • Carpooling
  • And many, many more.


How Long Are The Videos?  And Are They HD?

There are 100 videos in total, and each one of them is between 3 and 30 seconds – perfect bite-sized tips and advice.

And YES!  They are ALL HD 1280 x 720 resolution.


What Can Whiteboard Videos Be Used For?

  1. Use them for traffic generation.  Post them on video sharing sites, blogs etc.  Use with good titles and descriptions for great SEO.
  2. Build an email list.  Offer people a “Free Personal Finance Lifehacks Course” and drip feed each video out in an autoresponder.  One every three or four days would be nearly a year long course!
  3. Use on Social Media.  Great content for Facebook pages or Twitter accounts.
  4. Bonuses for your own products.  Stack the value by adding in these videos as a bonus for your own product.
  5. Create products from them!  Create a membership site, a DVD product or a mobile App on iOS, Android or Windows mobile.
  6. Use them on your client sites.  Perhaps you have Financial Advisor, Credit Repair, Debt Management/Consolidation clients that you provide marketing services or web site design for?


When You Order, Here’s What You’ll Get:

==> 100 royalty-free whiteboard videos… featuring 100 different personal finance tips. Here’s a quick preview of screengrabs from each of the videos:



Frankly, some whiteboard videos just don’t meet my exacting standard, but ALL of these do.

So I made sure every single one was created using a WELL WRITTEN SCRIPT, high quality VECTOR graphics, and they’ve all been checked for quality by me and my team.

And, you can sleep easy at night knowing that all the elements used in the videos have FULL RIGHTS, I own the elements, so I can be 100% sure about that.

==> All videos are in MP4 format and are High Definition 1280 x 720 pixels in size.

Some done-for-you video packages give you videos that are too small and blurry to be of any real use. But my videos are good enough for virtually ANY purpose.

==> Plus… you’ll get an VIDEO LICENSE that lets you do almost ANYTHING YOU WANT with the videos — including client work.

Unlike some bundles, my video license does NOT put tight restrictions on you. (Pretty much the ONLY thing you can’t do with them is resell the videos.)

Order Your “Finance Advice Whiteboard” Bundle Today…

Right now, you can get my ENTIRE BUNDLE for a ONE-TIME payment of just $XX.

Once you order, ALL the videos are available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.

But, WAIT… that’s not all you get!

Special Bonus Offer

The actual price isn’t really $XX … because I’m also GIVING YOU a FREE $10 Gift Card for my other website… VectorToons.com.

VectorToons.com features a variety of high-quality VECTOR art that is re-scalable to ANY size without a loss of quality. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes.


Here’s the bottom line…

This video bundle (as well as the BONUS clip-art) will be a VALUABLE addition to your Internet marketing resource library.

You can pay ridiculously high prices for similar videos at the “big” whiteboad video sites, or you can take advantage of this special BUNDLE right now…

Personal Use License

 (Use on your own unlimited projects)

Finance Advice Whiteboard Videos Personal License

Developer Use License

(Use on your own and client projects with no limits)

Finance Advice Whiteboard Videos Developer License
For Quality Images, Videos, Templates & Clip-Art At Bargain Prices,

Brad Gosse
ConcealedDeals.com (… and VectorToons.com)


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